Whole 30: The Three Things I Learned About Myself

I was first introduced to the Whole30 by a co-worker who swore by it and claimed how easy it was to get started. While I don’t believe in dieting or placing restrictions on food, I noticed that I was eating a lot during the day and still getting hungry at night. Despite the health and nutrition benefits that I gained from the thirty-day plan, I also learned a lot about myself and the ways I was incorporating food into my life. Here are three ways I saw a direct change in my life as a result of the Whole30:

  1. Chocolate can’t be a support system
    With a full-time job, grad-school, and freelance jobs,  I looked to food as a constant and didn’t truly enjoying good, healthy food. Many times I would “need” chocolate in order to get through a difficult situation or issue. Thanks to Whole30, I learned to take the time to read labels, ask questions, and think about what certain foods might do to my body. While I have to admit that I did eat a bagel the day after I finished the thirty days, overall I’m making smarter decisions about food, finding healthier ways to balance my life, and looking to friends and family as support systems.
  2. Black coffee and understanding the importance of change
    Coffee is great and an approved Whole30 item. However, creamer and all of those delicious coffee additives is not. The first two-weeks of coffee without creamer was interesting, to say the least, but eventually I learned to love it and found that nothing else seemed quite as hard as the initial coffee changeover.
  3. Throw out the coconut oil because guilt doesn’t help anyone
    Week 1 was tough, but week 2 was much easier after I realized that my body didn’t respond well to coconut oil. While I initially felt guilty about the removal of coconut oil, I realized the state of my health was far more important than committing to every aspect of a diet. Being okay with making changes was by far the most difficult part of the month-long program, but it showed me how everything balances out, whether it be food and health, or life decisions and career decisions.

Unlike a program that replaces meals with shakes or requires some type of buy-in from a company, the Whole30 is all about figuring out what works best for each person. At the core, Whole30 focuses on fruits, vegetables, meats, and a few other food groups with an emphasis on reading labels and understanding where food comes from.

Banner image is of homemade cauliflower fried rice.

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