When Home is No Longer Home

When is home no longer home? When you’re 22, a recent college grad, a young professional, and no longer living at “home”. When you find yourself telling your roommates/significant other that you’ll be home (to your apartment, shared dwelling, etc.) and refer to the house you grew up in as your “parent’s house”. When you come home to cook dinner, buy your own groceries, and clean your own toilet (yes I did do this). All of these things signal the end of dependence on parents or guardians, but do they truly mean that home is no longer home? When do we transfer the feeling of being “home” from the place our parents live to a new apartment or house of our own? Is it really as simple as moving from one place to another or is time to blame for the strange feeling of not knowing where to call home anymore?

(Don’t forget to check out my 5 favorite songs about home at the end of this post.)

Perhaps the best meaning and usage of this idea of “home” comes from the song, “Home is not Places” by the Apache Relay. The song depicts someone who no longer knows where their physical home is, but rather knows the feeling of love and wants to follow it until they find home again. I first heard this song two years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. It also stuck with my best friend Carley, who also wrote about it in one of her blogposts as well. The intangible feeling of “home” is hard to grasp and as such takes time to understand. The house I grew up in was my house; my voice was on the answering machine, my height marks were on the walls, and I always had a warm feeling about returning “home”.

Now as I start my next chapter in life, I’ve realized that Home is not something that can be easily defined. Sure we can call the place we love, home, but is it really? Is home just a physical dwelling or is something more? For me, home is a place where I feel comfortable, secure, and surrounded by love, friends, and family; regardless of the physical space that is all contained in.

Top 5 Best Songs About Home

#5: Home by Michael Buble

What’s not to love about Michael Buble? This particular song stuck with me as I went to college and got me through the feelings of missing home. 

#4: Country Road by James Taylor


This song has stuck with me since I was a kid when we would listen to James Taylor, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and others during long car rides. 

#3: Home is not Places by Apache Relay

After hearing this song for the first time, my perspective and thoughts on the idea of “home” changed drastically from a physical place to an intangible or flexible area that contains the things and people most important to me. 

#2: Our House by Madness

The music video is great. Need I say anymore?

#1: Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros hit it spot on with this song; particularly the lyric: “Home is where-ever I’m with you”. 


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