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If you’ve checked me out on Twitter (if not…@EmmaDaitz), then you’ve probably seen me take part in a great tweetchat that happens on Tuesdays at 7pm. #SLchat is a community for student leaders, student affairs professionals, former student leaders, and just about anyone else who has ties to student leadership. While #SLchat is on hiatus for the summer, the community is still very much active. You can check out some of the student leaders in the community through the #SLchat Twitter list. As part of my #SLchat leadership team responsibilities, I’ve helped to moderate some tweetchats and write blog posts, which are listed as follows:

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The Student Leader’s ToolKit
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What Student Leaders Can Learn From Olympians
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The Student Leader Selfie
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Mind the Gap
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Be sure to check out the Student Leadership Collective to see more posts from others in the student leadership community. Also be sure to keep your eyes out for #SLchat on Tuesdays at 7pm in the fall by following @SLCollective

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