23 Goals for 23: Staying Healthy and Exercising

Before I turned 23, I made 23 “birthday resolutions” to guide me into my 23rd year on earth. Exercising and eating healthy has always been a problem for me. I’ve never been a terrible eater, but I’ve also had trouble sticking to a routine. In high school, I was working out on a regular basis with synchronized skating practice and going to the gym. Once college rolled around, I found that routines were hard to stick to and I never had enough time or energy.

Over the past 6 months, I have re-committed myself to creating a workout plan and focus on eating better.  The following are some of my tips to making workouts easier and fun!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    In November, I was lucky enough to start working with a trainer who encouraged me immensely. While it can be hard to find a trainer due to costs and time, there are many websites and apps that can help to motivate anyone who needs the extra guidance and help.
  • Find a workout buddy
    Working out with someone else not only helps for motivation purposes, but it can also help your relationship with that person. My boyfriend and I began a workout routine together and we’ve made each other stick to it.
  • Buy workout gear!
    People were shocked when they found out my sneakers were four-years-old. For my birthday, I took the plunge and bought new sneakers. Since then, I’ve seen a signification increase in my ability to run faster and longer.

I’ve found that the toughest part of working out is creating and sticking to a plan. Starting out a workout with the right mentality makes a huge difference. Some people believe that a habit is formed after two weeks of repetition, which I’m not sure I entirely buy into. However, I’ve been sticking to my commitment of staying active. I’ve found that it’s more important to stay active than worry about calories burned or meeting a goal for that day.

With all of this in mind, I’ve been able to improve my endurance, strength, and physical toughness. Yesterday, I ran my first 5k on the treadmill. It felt incredible to hit 2.5 miles and push myself just a bit further to reach the coveted 3.1 mile point. With few barriers to stop me, I’m excited to see where I run to next!

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